Bird Cage Products

Birds are intelligent and jovial animals that are very easy to live with, train and take care of in your home. In fact, birds usually make great pets for those who are a little scared of the fury of cats and dogs. However, birds are also very sensitive creatures with instincts just like us, which sometimes make them very choosy in terms of shelter, food and even the environment. In case you are thinking of adding a bird or more into your family, you need the right bird cage that can guarantee their safety and comfort.

At Bird Cage Singapore, we offer diverse bird cage types, sizes, styles and materials that can efficiently provide better shelter for all kinds of birds. We understand that people usually have different preferences when it comes to the type of birds to keep. In response to this, our customers can also shop for bird cages based on the particular species of birds that they have. This will ensure that you are able to get just the perfect shelter for your birds.

Although birds do not require a lot of space for shelter, obtaining a bird cage means that you will also need to prepare some place to put or hang it. And, this could sometimes be a bit tricky, especially when your home or the place you want to keep the birds is not spacious enough. However, there is no need to worry because, we can also deliver custom bird cages to suit the particular bird species, available space and environment.

Over the years, most people have shied away from obtaining bird cages simply because of misconceptions that they are expensive. In fact, this is one of the reasons most people who have tried keeping birds have been disappointed since birds always require their own shelters. At Bird Cage Singapore, we offer highly durable, comfortable and safe bird cages for every budget. With us, you are always guaranteed the best quality bird cage products for less.

Bird Cage Sizes

Depending on the available space, number or size of birds and your budget, we have various bird cage sizes to choose from.

Large Bird Cage

We have three variations of large bird cages measuring, 36’’ wide x 24’’ deep x 48’’ high, 36’’ x 36’’ wide x 48’’ high and 48’’ wide x 36’’ deep x 60’’ high. These bird cages have bar spacing of ¾’’ to 1, 1’’ to 1.5’’ and 1’’ to 1.5’’ respectively. Large bird cages are very spacious and suitable for a wide range of bird species including, Amazons, Mini Macaws, African Greys, Cockatoos, Electus.

Medium Bird Cage

In case you are keeping Ringneck Parakeets, Caiques, Jardines and Pionus, our medium bird cages are the best option to go for. We offer two kinds of medium bird cages measuring, 24’’ wide x 24’’ deep x 36’’ high and 24’’ wide x 24’’ deep x 36’’. The bird cages are designed with a bar spacing of ½’’ to 5/8’’ and 5/8’’ to ¾.’’

Small Bird Cage

Most people who keep birds in Singapore usually prefer small-sized species like, Canaries, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Budgies, Conures and Poicephalus. In order to provide the ultimate shelters for these bird species, we offer a variety of small bird cages to choose from. Some of the small sized bird cages that we have measure, 30’’ wide x 18’’ deep x 18’’ high, 24’’ wide x 18’’ deep x 18’’ high, 18’’ wide x 18’’ deep x 24’’ high,  20’’ wide x 20’’ deep x 24’’ high and 24’’ wide x 24’’ deep x 24’’ high.

18 x 18 Bird Cage

This bird cage measures 18’’ long, 18’’ wide and 54’’ high, which makes it quite spacious for a variety of bird species. Depending on the type of bird that you keep, available space and environment, we have different models of 18 x 18 bird cages to choose from.

Bird Cage Styles

Our bird cages also come in a wide range of styles to suit different kinds of environments, birds and budgets. The main bird cage styles that you can acquire from our company are;

We can also deliver a Custom Bird Cage, which is specifically designed to your instructions, including measurements.

Bird Cage Types

Depending on the type of birds that you keep, they are usually very selective when it comes to where they nest, spend their time and feed. In order to meet this need, our product portfolio also includes a wide range of bird cages for specific bird species. Our bird cage types include;

Although we have not included bird cages for all bird species, we can still deliver tailor-made bird enclosures for the particular species that you keep. Besides, there are some bird species that can comfortably shelter in different kinds of cages without a problem.

Bird Cage Materials

The design of our bird cages incorporate convenience, safety and durability. And, this is evident in the high quality materials that our bird cages are made from. Depending on the bird cage material that you prefer, we offer diverse options including;

Benefits of Buying Bird Cages from Bird Cage Singapore

There are numerous advantages that you will be able to enjoy whenever you buy bird cages from Bird Cage Singapore. Relying on us for all the bird cage products highlighted above guarantees the following;

Without a comfortable and secure enclosure to live, feed and play, birds can be exposed to ill-health, accidents among other dangers . And, the best way to avoid such risks is through our products. Talk to us for the right bird cage that perfectly suits your birds, aviary and budget.