Bamboo Bird Cage

Although most people still do not know about bamboo bird cages, they are among the best cages for rearing birds at home. Our bamboo bird cages can offer more a comfortable and safe shelter for your birds. Besides, bamboo also has an attractive appearance that can go a long way in enhancing the décor of your space. Unlike other bird cage materials, bamboo bird cages depict the feel and touch of the natural environment, which your birds will no doubt fall in love with.

At Bird Cage Singapore, we offer a huge selection of bamboo bird cages that every bird keeper can choose from. These are available in various types, styles and sizes that you can select depending on where you intend to use the bird cage, particular bird species and your budget. Apart from the standard designs, we also offer custom bamboo bird cages, which can be created to the particular style, size or type that you need. With this, you can now order a customized bamboo bird cage that perfectly suits the birds that you have and also the environment where they are kept.

Features of our Bamboo Bird Cage

Unlike metallic bird cages, bamboo bird cages are very environmental friendly since the main components of the structures are all natural. This is one of the aspects that make our bamboo bird cages very safe for keeping birds. However, there are more reasons to always choose our bamboo bird cages for your pets:

Suitable for all types of birds

Our bamboo bird cages are made from bamboo, which is harvested from forest. Generally, bamboo does not contain any harmful chemical that can harm birds and, this ensures that the bird cages made from it can house just any type of bird. In fact, a bamboo bird cage can comfortably shelter a wide range of bird species including, parrots, finches, macaws, cockatoos, cockatiels, African greys, amazons, lovebirds among others.


Contrary to what some people usually think, bamboo bird cages are designed to last and can house your birds for a very long time. The cages are constructed from small planks of bamboo, which are evenly spaced and held together by strings to create a strong and stable enclosure. Besides, the cage is also accorded reinforcements for better strength.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning bamboo bird cages is also very easy. All our bamboo bird cages have pull out trays that you can easily retract and clean to ensure that your birds stay in a hygienic place. Other surfaces can be cleaned by dusting, which will only take you a few minutes to do. However, you should always be very cautious when using water to clean the cage since it could sometimes cause the bamboo to rot or impact other defects.

Light and portable

A bamboo bird cage is also very light in weight, which makes it very easy to move from one place to another.  Whether you choose a bamboo bird cage with a finial for hanging or stands, you will always have an easier time handling it mainly because of the light weight. This gives you the freedom of even going on trips with your birds in great comfort and safety. With the portability of our bamboo bird cages, you can always move your birds to any location within the home with so much ease.


Bamboo is not a very common bird cage material, and this gives it a unique appeal in every space it is used. By choosing our bamboo bird cage, you will not only provide your pets with a pleasant nest but also significantly enhance the beauty of your home. In fact, you can choose a custom bamboo bird cage that perfectly complements the décor of your home and types of birds kept therein.

Why Buy Bamboo Bird Cage from Bird Cage Singapore

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We understand the risks that your birds could be exposed to without the right bird enclosure. Therefore, our company always works round-the-clock to ensure that the bamboo bird cage, which you order is delivered fast without any delay.

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