Bird Cage Sizes

Choosing the right bird cage size is important in ensuring that your birds are accorded the most comfortable shelter. Birds are usually very sensitive when it comes to their shelters, and whenever they sense even the slightest sign of danger in their cages, they will feel threatened and try to escape. Besides, squeezing birds in cages could also negatively impact their health and even cause death in some cases. In order to easily avoid all these risks, we offer a wide range of bird cage sizes.

At Bird Cage Singapore, we can always deliver the right size of bird cage that your birds will feel safe and comfortable in. Our company offers both standard and custom bird cage sizes that you can always choose from. Even if you may be having constraints in space, we can still deliver a customized bird cage size that can properly fit therein. With us, there is always a guarantee of the perfect bird cage size for your birds, space and budget.

The main bird cage sizes that you can acquire from our company include;

Large Bird Cage

In case you keep many birds and, also have a relatively larger space for the activity, this is the best bird cage size to go for. A large bird cage is also suitable for birds that are bigger in size like, large cockatoos, amazons, large macaws, African Greys, Eclectus among others. Some of these bird species usually require a lot of space in their shelters, which also makes large bird cages the best choice.

We offer three varieties of large bird cages, each with different cage size, bar spacing and application. These include, 36’’ wide x 24’’ deep x 48’’ high, 48’’ wide x 36’’ deep x 48’’ high and 48’’ wide x 36’’ deep x 60’’ high. We can help you choose the most suitable large bird cage with proper bar spacing for your birds.

Medium Bird Cage

Our medium bird cages are suitable for a wide range of bird species including, Ringneck Parakeets, Caiques, Pionus, Jardines among others. These bird species are not very large in size and can occupy just a little space. Besides, they also do not engage in a lot of activities while at rest. Obtaining a medium bird cage can ensure better housing for several birds in one fold.

Our medium bird cages are available in two main sizes, which are distinguished by their bar spacing. The bird cages both measure, 24’’ wide x 24’’ deep x 36’’ high but, have different bar spacing. The first one has a bar spacing of ½’’ to 5/8’’ while the other has 5/8’’ to ¾’’. Our experts will assist in choosing the right match based on the bird species and available space.

Small Bird Cage

Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for small bird cages in Singapore. And, our company has delivered the best response with the variety of small bird cages that we offer. In fact, we have a selection of small bird cages that can suit just any bird species. Our company has one of the largest varieties of high quality small bird cages in Singapore.

Some of our small bird cages measure, 30’’ wide x 18’’ deep x 18’’ high, 24’’ wide x 18’’ deep x 18’’ high, 18’’ wide x 18’’ deep x 24’’ deep, 20’’ wide x 20’’ deep x 24’’ high, 24’’ wide x 24’’ deep x 24’’ high among others. Our small bird cages are ideal for bird species like, finches, canaries, budgies, cockatiels, conures and several others.

18 x 18 Bird Cage

This is a standard size bird cage measuring 18’’ wide x 18’’deep x 54’’ high. Despite its size, this bird cage can shelter various bird species and easily fit into even limited spaces. Since we offer diverse bird cage styles, there is always a guarantee that you will find the perfect 18 x 18 bird cage for your birds. Our 18 x 18 bird cage is recommended for lovebirds and parrot species.

The Perfect Bird Cage Sizes for your Birds and Space

Instead of worrying about how to find the perfect bird cage size that can comfortably accommodate your birds and also fit into the available space, simply talk to us. Our company is the best dealer in Singapore that can deliver the right bird cage sizes for those who keep birds as pets and also for businesses. By relying on us, you are guaranteed numerous benefits including;

Wide range of bird cage sizes to choose from

With us, there is no limitation to the bird cage size that you can get. Even if you may not be impressed by our large, medium, small and 18 x 18 bird cages, we can also deliver a custom size designed according to your specific needs for the perfect fit.

The best quality bird cages

Regardless of the bird cage size that you choose, all our bird cage products bear the mark of quality. We offer bird cages that are made from quality materials including, wooden, brass, glass, acrylic, stainless steel, wrought iron and bamboo.

Available in various styles and types

In order to give your birds a safe and comfortable shelter, you need to go beyond just choosing the right bird cage size. And, we have made it easier for you because we also offer diverse bird cage styles and types. This means you can always get the best style and type of bird cage designed to the particular size that you need.

Affordable prices

Despite the variety in our products and accessories, quality and affordability are key aspects in our business that we always give precedence. Although our prices vary from one bird cage size to another, we have the most competitive rates to suit every budget.

Professional Customer Care

We understand how challenging it can be sometimes, when choosing bird cage sizes. And, have a dedicated Customer Care team to assist you in every step of the process. We can always help you in obtaining the perfect bird cage size for your birds, budget and space without a lot of effort.

Talk to us for the best bird cage size for your pets and aviary.