Birds are not only beautiful and intelligent creatures but, also a great source of companionship. In fact, rearing birds could also be an ideal investment for income generation. However, one of the most important things to always consider when keeping birds or planning to start rearing them is a bird cage and bird cage accessories. The best place to acquire bird cages and accessories in Singapore is Bird Cage Singapore. We offer a wide range of the best quality bird cages and bird cage accessories that will no doubt keep your birds happy, safe and comfortable.

Whether you intend to keep birds as pets or for business, a bird cage is among the basic needs that must be met. But, this does not mean that you should just use any structure or shelter to house your bird. Remember, birds breathe, move, feed and even have instincts as humans, and the kind of shelter and treatment accorded to them has a significant impact on their health and general wellbeing. Therefore, it is always important that you choose the right bird cage size, style, type and material to ensure that the birds are in good health and enjoying their “stay”.

At Bird Cage Singapore, we understand the principles of bird keeping and, this has enabled us to deliver a selection of the best bird cages and bird cage accessories for all kinds of birds. We also specialize in custom bird cages and bird cage accessories, which are designed according to the specifications of every customer. Besides, our company has the most pocket friendly rates in the market to ensure that you are able to get high quality bird cages and bird cage parts and accessories without digging deep into your pocket.


Choosing the right bird cage product usually requires that you have proper knowledge about the kind of birds that you have or plan to keep in terms of their breed, sizes, behaviors and other traits. You should also consider the available space, environmental conditions and your budget. However, there is no need going through all that stress when we have the best selection of bird cages. Our products are unique and skillfully designed to comfortably accommodate all kinds of birds in every space.

Bird Cage Sizes

It is always advisable that you obtain bird cages that are spacious so the birds do not feel squeezed since that could affect their health and movements. We offer bird enclosures of different sizes that you can choose from depending on the size and number of birds that you keep, and available space. Our bird cage sizes include;

Bird Cage Styles

Our bird cages can also be obtained in a wide range of styles. Bird cage styles usually vary based on where they are used, design or setting of the environment, personal preferences, budget among other aspects. In fact, you can also choose bird cage styles that compliment the landscape and decor of your home or business.

Bird Cage Materials

Our products are designed from various kinds of high quality materials, which you should also consider when shopping in order to get the right one for your birds. We offer a selection of the following bird cage materials;

Bird Cage Types

At Bird Cage Singapore, we also offer bird enclosures that are custom designed for specific bird species. Our company offers the best bird cages for the following bird types;

In case the type of bird that you keep is not among the ones listed above, do not be worried because we also offer custom designed bird cages to choose from. These can be designed according to the specific needs of the birds that you keep and also your demands.


Generally, bird enclosures only offer shelter for birds. In order to ensure that your birds are happy and feeding well in their cages, you need bird cage parts and accessories. Thus, we also provide high quality bird cage parts and accessories including;

Depending on the bird cage size, material, type or style that you choose, we can help you find tailor made bird cage parts and accessories. Our company can always deliver custom bird cage accessories that are designed to the particular style, type, size and material of your bird cage.

Why Choose Our Products and Accessories

Obtaining bird cages, bird cage parts and accessories should always be on top of the list whenever you are planning to keep birds. However, there are also situations whereby you may not be able to acquire the birds, bird cages and accessories all at once. Despite the circumstances, you should always get the products and accessories from Bird Cage Singapore.

By choosing to acquire bird cages and bird cage accessories from our company, you are guaranteed the following;

High quality bird cages and bird cage accessories

We always strive to deliver highly efficient and durable products and accessories to enable you get the best value for money in every purchase. Our bird cage products and accessories are focused on better bird keeping. Besides, all our bird cages and bird cage accessories are tested and proven safe for rearing birds. Hence, there is always a guarantee of the best shelter and experience for all your birds in their new environment.

Wide range of bird cage styles, sizes and materials to choose from

To enable every bird keeper get the perfect bird cage, we offer a collection of diverse bird cage styles, sizes and materials. In case you may have a problem choosing bird cages, we can also offer guidance to enable you get the right match for your birds. Our company also has a blog and team of Customer Service assistants to guide you through the shopping process, making sure every customer gets the best enclosures for their birds.

Customized bird cages for every bird type

At Bird Cage Singapore, we also specialize in customized bird cage types that you can choose from based on the type of birds that you keep. Besides, you can also get bird cages that are custom designed to specific styles, sizes and also using particular materials. In fact, we can deliver the ultimate bird cages specifically designed for every bird species. All you need to do is give us the details of the specific type of bird cage that you need and we will deliver it.

Affordable prices

Another benefit of obtaining bird cages and bird cage accessories from our company is, you are able to get the best quality at reduced prices.  We have the most competitive rates in the market to suit every budget. It is only through our company that you can easily get the best bird cage products and accessories for less. Even if you are operating on a low budget, we can still help you find the best bird cage size, style and material.


Our Company understands the risks that birds could be exposed to without an ideal shelter. Therefore, we always make sure that all our customers receive the required products and accessories in the shortest time. We cover all areas in Singapore and, can always make deliveries within the given deadlines, at the convenience of every customer. Even if you need a custom bird cage, we will make sure that it is designed and delivered to you without any delay.

Friendly Customer Care

In order to deliver the best shopping experience to all our customers, we have a team of trained Customer Service staff with many years’ experience to handle your demands. Our staff has proper understanding of various kinds of bird cage products and accessories to offer professional guidance whenever you are shopping from us.

We always give a special attention to every customer so that all your demands are met without compromise. You can also read more about various bird cages and accessories from our blog.

Order the Best Bird Cage and Bird Cage Accessories Singapore Now

Instead of running up and down in search of bird cage products and bird cage accessories, simply talk to us. We strive to make it much easier and convenient for every bird keeper in Singapore to acquire the best products and accessories from the comfort of their homes or offices. Our Customer Support team is always ready to speak to you and, offer the required assistance. We always try to respond to all our customers immediately so you are never inconvenienced. For inquiries about our bird cages and bird cage accessories, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.