18 x 18 Bird Cage

18 x 18 bird cage is also another great option that you can go for when looking for a safe and comfortable shelter for birds. At Bird Cage Singapore, we offer the best quality 18 x 18 bird cages that you can always acquire for your birds. This bird cage measures 18’’ wide x 18’’ deep x 54’’ high. However, you can also find others with a height of 53’’, 58’’ or more. Similar to other bird cage sizes that we offer, an 18 x 18 bird cage is spacious, durable and very safe for a wide range of bird species.

Our 18 x 18 bird cages are recommended for small birds like, finches, canaries, caiques, lovebirds, parrots, parakeets, cockatiels among several others. In fact, this bird cage is the perfect definition of one size fits most considering it can accommodate various bird species. Besides, the bird cage is also designed to the right size that can easily fit into small spaces. Our 18 x 18 bird cages can be used by those who keep birds for companionship as well as business.

Features of our 18 x 18 Bird Cage

When shopping for 18 x 18 bird cage, it is advisable that you first take some time to know the features in order to determine whether it is the perfect choice for your birds and also the environment where you want to raise them. There are numerous features embedded on our 18 x 18 bird cages that can help you to know more about it including, the benefits. The following are some of the main features of our 18 x 18 bird cages;

Highly Durable

The 18 x 18 bird cages that we offer are made from diverse bird cage materials that are tested and proven strong enough and safe to shelter birds. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose between, a wooden, brass, stainless steel, acrylic, glass, bamboo or wrought iron 18 x 18 bird cage.

Available in diverse styles and types

Our company is always committed to meeting specific customer demands in every bird cage product and accessory that we offer. As a result of this, our 18 x 18 bird cages can be obtained in different styles and types. Besides, we can also deliver a custom 18 x 18 bird cage.

Fully accessorized

Unlike other bird cage sizes, our 18 x 18 bird cage comes equipped with a myriad accessories to keep birds safe and comfortable. Some of the accessories that you can find on these enclosures include, ladders, breeder box, perches, gliding casters, seed catchers among others. The bird cage also has wheels, which is ideal whenever you need to move it to another location.


Despite the standard design of our 18 x 18 bird cage, it should be noted that this cage offers a lot of space that can comfortably house many smaller birds at once. This ensures that your birds have adequate space for numerous activities while in their cages.

Why Buy 18 x 18 Bird Cage from Bird Cage Singapore

Bird Cage Singapore is the best partner that you can trust for 18 x 18 bird cages Singapore. Buying this bird cage size from our company can offer numerous advantages that will eventually enable you to acquire the best deal. The following are more reasons to always talk to us for an 18 x 18 bird cage Singapore;

The best quality bird cages

Our company only deals in genuine products that are designed to deliver greater convenience and efficiency in bird keeping. Besides, our bird cages are also tested and proven safe for rearing birds, which ensures your birds are accorded the best experience in their shelters.

Affordable prices

Another reason to always choose Bird Cage Singapore for 18 x 18 bird cage is, we have the most pocket friendly prices in the market. In fact, it is only from our company that you can get the best quality 18 x 18 bird cage for less.

Fast delivery

Whenever you buy 18 x 18 bird cage from us, there is also a guarantee that the product will be delivered within the given deadline. We understand the importance of better housing for birds, and will not keep you waiting for long.

Friendly Customer Support

Our company also has skilled Customer Service assistants to respond to inquiries and also guide customers when shopping for our bird cage products and accessories. We also have a dedicated blog to guide you in selecting the best enclosures for your birds. In this way, there is usually no chance for mistakes when buying bird cages.

In case you are looking for 18 x 18 bird cage in Singapore, simply talk to us. We will be able to deliver the best at your own convenience.