Bird Cage Liners

Cleaning bird cages is an exercise that should always be conducted regularly to maintain a hygienic condition in the enclosure as well as the environment. However, the exercise can be very challenging and time consuming. And, that is why our company offers bird cage liners to help you keep the cage clean without so much effort. Bird cage liners are like sheets of paper that are temporarily attached to the trays and can be easily replaced whenever they get dirty.

By using our bird cage liners, you do not have to stick to the elaborate bird cage cleaning procedures. In fact, these accessories will only make your work much easier while also ensuring that your bird cage remains clean and fresh. Depending on the condition of the bird cage, you can either opt to change bird cage liners daily or in short intervals. Despite the case, our bird cage liners have numerous benefits over using other litter or bedding.

We understand the diversity in bird cage designs and, strive to ensure that you can always get the best bird cage liner for the particular enclosure that you have. Our company deals in a wide selection of bird cage liners custom designed to suit various styles, sizes and types of bird cages. Besides, our bird cage liners can also work in various kinds of bird cage materials, hence, highly efficient in keeping bird cages clean.

Features of our Bird Cage Liners

There are various reasons why you should consider buying our bird cage liners. The following are some of the main features of our bird cage liners:

Safe for birds

The bird cage liners that we supply are hypoallergenic. This means that there is absolutely no harm that your pets can be exposed to even if they ingest parts or pieces of the bird cage liners. Instead, these bird cage liners can help you detect infections from their litter, which is important in keeping the pets in good health. Besides, our bird cage liners are also very soft to preserve the feather condition of your birds.

Available in a variety of sizes

Our bird cage liners can be obtained in various sizes depending on the size of your bird cage trays. We offer standard sized bird cage liners for small, medium, large and 18x 18 bird cages. However, we also have pre-cut sizes that you can buy based on the particular measurements of your bird cage trays.

Easy to use

The basis of our bird cage liners is to make the work of cleaning bird cages easier and fast. As hinted above, these liners are in the form of a waxed paper that is easily spread and stuck onto the tray to trap litter and other kinds of dirt that may be dropped off by the birds. Our bird cage liners are also manufactured from dust-free fabrics. Whenever the bird cage liner gets dirty, you can simply remove and dispose it then spread another layer.

These bird cage liners have their own sticking agents to hold them in place. The adhesives used are temporary and approved safe, thus, you should not include another adhesive when sticking the liner onto the bird cage.

Choice of colors

Birds are always very sensitive even to the slightest changes and having a bird cage liner with a different color from that of the enclosure can sometimes make them scared. Thus, our bird cage liners also come in diverse color schemes that you can select from based on the color of your bird cage. Our bird cage liners can be obtained in white, black, brown or other colors that you prefer. In fact, you can even choose a bird cage liner with a color that complements other accessories used in the enclosure.

Our bird cage liners are made from strong waxed papers that can effectively withstand tear and wear from birds. This ensures that litter is not sprinkled all over, instead, concentrated within the enclosure.

Using a Bird Cage Liner

Despite the ease of using our bird cage liners, you should always be keen when fixing it onto the trays to avoid destruction to the material. Make sure that the liner is evenly spread on the tray, without leaving other sides overlapping or hanging. Besides, you should also make sure that the trays are well dried before spreading the bird cage liner.

Where to Buy the Best Bird Cage Liner

Bird Cage Singapore is the most convenient place where you can easily find quality bird cage liners. Our company offers the most competitive prices in the market to enable you get the best bird cage liner for your budget. Talk to us now for high quality and affordable bird cage liners Singapore.