Bird Singing Corners in Singapore

Despite the varying opinions on the history of bird singing corners in Singapore, they have continued to thrive in a number of areas across the country. Bird singing corners are an ideal place for avian lovers and others who just wish to spend some time watching and listening to birds. Besides, they also offer a safe haven from where you can buy some of the finest bird species and bird cages and bird cage accessories.

In most bird singing corners in Singapore, you will be able to find artistic displays of a wide range of bird species in magnificent bird cages. Apart from just the humming of the birds, the luxurious designs of their bird cages is a great attraction that keeps many people coming back to the parks. Besides, bird singing corners is also where you can easily find some of the most sought after birds.

There are various bird singing corners in Singapore that you can visit to share special moments with birds, buy birds as well as luxurious bird cage products and bird cage accessories. Some of the popular bird singing corners include;

Kebun Bahru Bird Corner

Kebun Bahru Bird Cormer is home to the Kebun Bahru Bird Singing Club, which is an exotic getaway for avian lovers. It brings together countless bird lovers and keepers, showcasing some of the most prized bird species housed in elegant bird cages. Here, you can spend some time watching great bird singing competitions, sipping coffee and playing chess.

The environment here is relaxing and, with the singing of birds all around, it simply makes you want to stay longer and longer. While at the park, you will also be able to sample some of the most expensive birds to add to your pet family. Besides, you can also bring your bird out here to grab the fresh air and enjoy a cool atmosphere with other birds. It is located on Block 159 on Ang Mo Kio Avenue, 5.

The park usually starts receiving visitors from as early as 5:45 am almost every day. However, weekends are frequently packed with lots of activities that week days. And, the activities can go up to sunset.

Tiong Bahru Bird Corner

Originally called Tiong Bahru Bird Arena, this attraction has been in existence for more than five decades. In fact, it was at one time a popular meeting point for most bird lovers from across the region including, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Despite the demolitions and developments that have changed the face of the surrounding buildings, Tiong Bahru Bird Corner has retained its unique image with minimal renovations and upgrade.

Tiong Bahru Bird Corner usually attracted most people during the weekends but, today, there is very little action since the opening of the Link Hotel in the adjacent block. Most bird lovers spent time here admiring different bird species and exotic bird cages as they relax, interacting with other bird keepers and buyers.

‘’Void Deck’’ Bird Corners

Void deck bird corners are also another popular destination for bird singing, attracting bird owners from far and wide. Although it does not fit the definition of an aviary, a visit to this place would make you feel like you are truly in one. Situated at the void deck of Block 817 Jurong West Avenue, 5, this corner is a famous bird singing attraction for the neighborhood and visitors alike.

Apart from just the void deck mentioned above, there are several others in almost every neighborhood in Singapore. Today, there are quite a number of communal areas in Singapore with ‘void deck’ bird parks where you can spend time enjoying the thrilling sounds of birds, admiring bird cages and accessories as well as shopping for pets.

Other popular void deck bird singing corners that you can also check out are located on Serangoon North Av 1, Block 154 and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Block 440. These destinations display a wide range of parrot species and other pricey birds.

Bird Singing Corners in Singapore are the best places to visit when looking for rare bird species. Here you will find, mostly men in their 50s or 60s, displaying some of the best selection of birds and bird cage styles, materials and types. Depending on your needs, preferences and pocket, this is the ultimate place to find just any kind of bird species.

Even with the vast display of luxurious bird cages and accessories across several bird singing corners in Singapore, you may not still be able to find the best housing for your pets. Bird Cage Singapore is the right place to visit for an assortment of the best bird cage styles, types, materials, sizes and bird cage accessories.