Bird Feeders: Bird Bowls, Dishes and Cups for Food and Water

While keeping your birds in a cage, you must always be able to provide them with adequate food. However, this does not mean that you should just sprinkle food across the floor of the bird cage. This will not only lead to wastage of food but, also make the cage dirty. The best accessories to use in feeding caged birds is bird feeders. At Bird Cage Singapore, we can supply you with various kinds of bird feeders to use in feeding your pets.

The bird feeders that we offer are specifically designed for use in all bird cage types, sizes, materials and styles, will no doubt ensure greater efficiency and convenience whenever your pets want to feed. We understand that birds usually feed on different kinds of foods. Therefore, our bird feeders are designed to hold both solid and liquid bird foods. In fact, using our bird feeders will even make it much easier for you to feed the birds. Besides, using bird feeders will also reduce the risk of food wastage and contamination.

Although birds can still spill food on the floor of the cages while eating, using bird feeders can significantly reduce this habit. In fact, it won’t take long before your birds get used to feeding from them. As soon as your birds are accustomed to using the bird feeders, there will be very little food spills or remains scattered on the floor, which could also enhance the hygiene of the cage and environment where they are kept.

Various kinds of bird feeders

Bird Bowls and Dishes

We offer a selection of bird bowls and dishes that you can use for solid and liquid feeds. Depending on your preferences, our bird bowls and dishes are made of different materials to choose from. We offer metallic, porcelain, acrylic, glass and wooden dishes and bowls that you can select from.

The bowls and dishes are available in a wide range of designs that you can also choose based on your bird cage style or type. Besides, we also have varying sizes of bird bowls and dishes.

Cups for food and water

Our company also offers a wide range of custom bird feeding cups that you can use for water and other kinds of feeds. Similar to the bowls and dishes, our cups for food and water are also available in diverse designs. Depending on the number of birds that you have and size of bird cage, you can either choose small, medium or large sized cups to feed your pets.

Features of our Bird Feeders

There are several features of our bird feeders, which make them a perfect choice for most bird keepers. The following are key features of our bird feeders;


Our bird feeders are designed from vast bird cage materials including, stainless steel, wrought iron, wood and acrylic, which are strong enough to withstand damage by birds. While feeding, birds usually like to poke their feeders, which can sometimes break them or create scratch marks. But, such are damages that you cannot experience whenever you use our bird feeders.

Safe materials

The materials used in the construction of our bird feeders are also tested and proven safe for feeding birds. As a result of this, there is absolutely no health risk that your birds can be exposed to when using these our bird cage accessories.

Unique designs

Using a bird feeder is not enough to make your birds feed but, having feeders with intricate designs can sometimes enhance their appetite for food. Our bird feeders are designed into unique styles. For example, if you keep birds that feed on nuts, you can choose a bird feeder that is designed in the shape of nuts. On the other hand, you can also choose our bird feeders in terms of color schemes.

Easy to clean

To ensure that your birds are not exposed to any form of contamination when feeding, bird feeders should be regularly cleaned. Our bird feeders are very simple to clean, using water and a soft cloth. Besides, the feeders can also be cleaned using disinfectants although you must always be keen to choose safe cleaning agents so as to avoid any health risks to the pets.

Our bird feeders are ideal for feeding all kinds of bird species and, can be used in just any type, style, material or size of bird cage. Some bird feeders can be pinned onto the bird cage while others can be simply placed on the floor of the enclosure.

In order to get the best quality and affordable bird feeders Singapore, simply get in touch with us.