Playtop Bird Cage

The merits of a playtop bird cage are unrivaled, and these are clearly manifested in its efficiency, safety and reliability in keeping birds. In fact, this is one of the best bird cage styles that you should get for medium and large sized birds. Its sturdy construction, versatility and sleek design gives it an upper hand over most bird cage styles in the market. Bird Cage Singapore offers quality and affordable playtop bird cages that you can acquire for African greys, Large Cockatoos, Large Macaws and Amazons.

We have a wide range of playtop bird cages, available in different sizes, types and materials to choose from. All our bird cage products are tested and proven safe for rearing birds, and there is always a guarantee that your birds will be healthy and active whenever you use this bird cage style. In order to help you choose the right playtop bird cage for your birds, we have discussed some of the key features and benefits of playtop bird cages herein.

Features of a Playtop Bird Cage

There are myriad features of a playtop bird cage, which will no doubt delight your birds and ensure great comfort for them. The following are some of the main features of a playtop bird cage;

Expansive play area

This bird cage style is designed with a large play area at the top where birds can freely flex their muscles without any risk. The play area is equipped with different kinds of entertainment features to offer the birds, better relaxation outside their cages. You can always change the play items based on the preferences of your birds.

Ease of use

A playtop bird cage can also make your life much easier when it comes to keeping birds. The enclosure has feeder doors that can independently open whenever you need to feed the birds. Besides, there are also large front doors and latches to ensure that your birds can safely move in and out of the cage with the least chances of injury.

The trays in the main section of the playtop bird cage and play area are also removable, which makes it easier to empty and clean them for maintenance of better bird cage hygiene. The bird cage also has casters, which you can use to easily move it from one section of the home to another.

In-built Accessories

To ensure that you do not run up and down in search of bird cage accessories, the playtop bird cage is equipped with various kinds of accessories to give your birds the best experience in the shelters. Some of these include, carved ladders, toy hanger, perches, feeding cups and dishes, removable seed catchers among others.


Playtop bird cage is made from standard metallic and other bird cage materials that are strong enough to withstand the tests of time and varying weather conditions. With just one playtop bird cage, you are able to offer a comfortable shelter for your birds for the longest time.


There are various features of a playtop bird cage that make it very safe for your pet birds. On the sides, the enclosure is built with horizontal bars while the back and front are fitted with vertical bars, evenly placed to ensure that birds can only get out or come in through the designated entry points. Besides, the materials used are also non-toxic to birds.

Why Buy a Playtop Bird Cage from Bird Cage Singapore

At Bird Cage Singapore, our top priority is making sure that our customers are satisfied with every bird cage style obtained from us. Buying a playtop bird cage from our company can offer you the following benefits;

Wide range of playtop bird cage designs

Our playtop bird cages can be obtained in various sizes. Besides, we also offer playtop bird cages made from diverse bird cage materials like, stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, glass, bamboo, acrylic and wood. You can also choose the cages based on color. The elegant design and construction of our playtop bird cage also makes it an ideal piece for home décor.

The Best quality playtop bird cage for less

Another reason to always acquire playtop bird cages from our company is, you are guaranteed the best quality and affordability. We have the most competitive prices so you are able to get the most suitable playtop bird cage that complements your budget.

Professional Customer Support

Considering the diversity in our bird cage products and accessories, we have a dedicated team of Customer Care assistants to take care of all your needs when shopping for a playtop bird cage. Besides, you can also read our blog for proper guidance on the most suitable playtop bird cage to buy.