Canary Bird Cage

The roots of canaries can be traced back to the family of finches. This small bird species got their name from the Canary Islands in Spain. Since the 17th C, canaries have been considered pricey and fashionable pets, which were only kept by kings and monks. However, not even this has stopped people from keeping canaries. In fact, the demand has continued to rise over the years and, quite a variety are now available in most bird markets and bird singing corners across Singapore.

Canaries are mainly found in three categories; song canaries, color bred canaries and type canaries. Despite their varying behaviors, proper housing is key to keeping the birds in better health. And, the best way to ensure that your pets are safe, healthy and happy is getting a canary bird cage. This is the right bird cage that can effectively cater for the comfort and security of your canaries in their new habitat.

At Bird Cage Singapore, we have various canary bird cage styles, materials and sizes that you can use to keep all varieties of canaries in your home. Besides the safety and comfort of these bird cages, they are also accorded unique decorations to complement the setting of your home. In fact, our canary bird cages are unique home décor pieces that could add great value to the beauty of your space.

Qualities of our Canary Bird Cage

Our canary bird cages are exceptional not only in the way they are designed but also construction. The design entails quality workmanship and creativity to deliver the most convenient, efficient and attractive enclosures. The following are some of the qualities of our canary bird cages:

Long lasting

Durability is an aspect that we always focus on in every bird cage product and accessory that we offer. We deal in canary bird cages that are made of the best quality materials, tested and proven safe for rearing birds. Besides, they are also strong to protect your birds from accidents originating from inside or outside of the enclosure. Our canary bird cages come in diverse materials including, wrought iron, wooden, bamboo, stainless steel, acrylic, glass and brass.

You can either choose a canary bird cage made of a specific material or combination of different kinds. Despite your choice, our canary bird cages will effectively eliminate the need for frequent purchase or maintenance for bird cages. This also makes them very economical for keeping canaries.

Available in different styles and sizes

Most of the canary species today are selectively bred for various colors like, yellow, red, orange, black among others. As a result of this, we offer a wide range of canary bird cage styles that you can select based on the color of your pets. Besides, the bird cages are also built with diverse features and accessories to suit the varying preferences and instincts of canaries.

Canaries are generally very small in size but, this does not mean that you should only buy a small sized canary bird cage. Just like other bird species, canaries too need spacious nests that they can freely play, feed and sleep in. To meet this need, our company offers both small, medium, large and 18 x 18 canary bird cages. Besides, we also offer customized canary bird cages, which can always be designed according to your specific instructions.


Unlike several other bird species, canaries are not usually very active and most of their movements are concentrated around their nests. In light of this, our canary bird cages are enhanced with the best accessories for added comfort. With this bird cage, your pet will always feel safe and jovial since it offers just the right habitat for canaries. The enclosures have large main entrances, latches, perches, feeders and soft nests to safely lay on.

In case you choose a custom canary bird cage, you can also suggest any feature to be included in the design. Our canary bird cages are very versatile when it comes to their application. Depending on the needs of your pets, these cages can either be used indoors or outdoors. In this way, you are guaranteed the perfect shelter to keep your canaries healthy and satisfied in your home.

The Best Quality and Affordable Canary Bird Cage

If you are thinking of keeping canaries or already have them in your home, Bird Cage Singapore is the right company to always rely on for quality and affordable canary bird cage. We have lower prices and amazing deals that will enable you to get the best canary bird cage for less. Get in touch with us today for the right canary bird cage Singapore.