Antique Bird Cage

An antique bird cage is the perfect choice when looking for an enclosure that can comfortably house your birds and also deliver a unique touch of elegance and style in your home. In fact, antique bird cages are timeless and can add great value to your space while also ensuring that your birds have greater freedom to feed, play and sleep in safety. At Bird Cage Singapore, we stock various types and sizes of antique bird cages that can be easily delivered to you anywhere in Singapore.

Although most people usually think that antique bird cages are so old fashioned, our products incorporate both the ancient and contemporary designs that you can choose from depending on the bird species, particular environment where you intend to raise them and budget. The goal is to deliver enclosures that your birds will feel safe and comfortable in. With every antique bird cage that you acquire from us, there is always a guarantee of the best quality and affordability for greater satisfaction.

Features of Antique Bird Cage

There are various features of an antique bird cage, which make it unique from other bird cage styles. And, it is recommended that you first know about these features in order to determine if an antique bird cage is the most suitable enclosure for your pets. The key features of our antique bird cage include;

Strong construction

One of the reasons antique bird cages are timeless is, they are made from high quality and long lasting materials. Most our antique bird cages are designed from sturdy materials that are safe for birds, corrosion-free and also very durable. In fact, these cages can last for even a lifetime without repairs if used properly.

Safety features

Antique bird cages are among some of the safest bird cage styles. The sides of the cage is designed with wires or thin metal bars that are neatly bound together with proper spacing to give your birds a feel of the external environment without going out of the cage. Besides, it also has a main access door with latches for accessibility and better security to the birds while inside the cage.

Adequate space

Our antique bird cages also have sufficient space to accord your birds the required freedom of movement in their homes. In fact, this cage can accommodate the birds, feeders, perches, toys and other accessories. This means your birds will be able to freely play, feed and sleep in ultimate comfort.

Easy handling

Unlike other bird cage styles, the antique bird cage has a simple design with few components that make it very easy to handle. The cage can be used either indoors or outdoors by hanging it using the finial at the top.  However, you can also use it with a bird cage stand. The bottom of the cage is removable, which also ensures that you can easily remove and clean the trays without compromising the safety and comfort of birds.

Besides, you can also find antique bird cages with open tops to offer greater freedom for the birds. There are also antique bird cages with detailing at the bottom.

Benefits of Our Antique Bird Cages

There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by choosing our antique bird cages. The following are more reasons to always acquire antique bird cages from our company;

The best quality antique bird cages

Our antique bird cages are accorded strong construction with elegant finishes for greater value. The bird cages are made from a choice of high quality materials including, stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, wood, bamboo, acrylic and glass.

Available in diverse types and sizes

At Bird Cage Singapore, we strive to satisfy the needs of all our customers through provision of diverse antique bird cage types that you can obtain in either small, medium, 18 x 18 or large sizes. Most of our antique bird cages are round with dome-shaped tops. However, some also take the shape of a box with decorative detail at the top.

In case you need something different or more specific, we can also deliver a custom designed antique bird cage.

Highly versatile antique bird cages

The selection of antique bird cages that we offer are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments. Besides, they can also be used to house different kinds of birds including, parrots, cockatoos, finches among others.

Affordable Prices

Affordability is a key aspect of our business that you will experience in every purchase from us. In fact, our prices are the most competitive in the market and, we always make sure that every client gets the best quality antique bird cage. Talk to us for antique bird cages Singapore.