Budgies Bird Cage

Also known as The Budgerigar or budgie, budgies are small parrots from the species of parakeets. Apart from their small sizes, budgies are also loved by most people because of their extra ordinary abilities in mimicking human speech. In fact, budgies are among the most popular pets across the world, only overtaken by dogs and cats. In case you are planning to start keeping budgies or have acquired them already, better shelter is a basic need that you must meet in order to enjoy their companionship in your home.

Our budgies bird cages are the best enclosures that you need for rearing these attractive bird species. At Bird Cage Singapore, we supply a variety of budgies bird cages that you can always get at your own convenience anywhere in Singapore. In order to meet the diverse preferences of our customers, these bird cages can be acquired in various styles and materials. Besides, we also offer both small, medium, large and 18 x 18 budgies bird cage sizes.

Budgies are categorized into various classes or species, which usually have varying traits and behaviors. We also understand that not all homes have adequate amounts of space for keeping birds. In recognition of all these facts, our company also offers custom budgies bird cages. The benefit of choosing a custom budgies bird cage is, you get to choose the particular style, size as well as material that you need for the enclosure.

Our Budgies Bird Cage Qualities

Choosing the right bird cage for budgies is important in ensuring that the birds are accorded a secure and comfortable environment in your home. And, the easiest way to determine the best budgies bird cage lies in the qualities. The following are some key qualities of our budgies bird cages:

Durable construction

Our budgies bird cages are designed from a choice of the best quality bird cage materials that are strong and long lasting. The main bird cage materials used in our enclosures are, stainless steel, brass, wrought iron, glass, acrylic, wood and bamboo. However, we can also deliver bird cages that are designed from a combination of materials. All the bird cage materials used meet the international standards and, recommended for building safe shelters for birds.

Due to the strength of our budgies bird cages, there is no chance that your pets will break out of the cage. In fact, the enclosures are also strong enough to resist any attempts by predators to gain access or harm your pets inside the cages. These bird cages can effectively withstand threats, both internal and external.


Keeping birds in your home does not mean that they have to be held in just one position or section for the rest of their lives. Similar to other living things, budgies also enjoy a taste of different environments. And, that is why we offer budgies bird cages that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our goal is to make it easier for you to treat your pets to the environment inside your home as well as the fresh air outside.

These enclosures can be used with various accessories including, stands, finials and stands with wheels. Those with finials can be hanged anywhere safe across the home. The ones on wheels are even much easier to use because they can be simply moved by pushing or pulling. Besides, the materials of our budgies bird cages have unique characteristics to maintain their appeal in different environmental conditions.

Spacious and comfortable

According to numerous studies on budgies, these bird species are usually nomadic, which implies keeping budgies in an enclosure can at first seem like a punishment to them. However, it should be noted that the nomadic traits of budgies are mainly influenced by their abilities to get better food and shelter. With our budgies bird cages, your pets will be accorded freedom to feed, play and also sleep in comfort.

Your pets will always find it very relaxing and safe in these enclosures. Although we mainly offer standard bird cage sizes, you can also order for a custom budgies bird cage. Based on your needs, we can deliver a spacious and comfortable budgies bird cage that perfectly suits the available space in your home.

The Best Budgies Bird Cage Singapore

Instead of running up and down looking for the best bird cage for your budgies pets, simply talk to us. At Bird Cage Singapore, we offer the best collection of high quality budgies bird cages at very fair prices that you can easily afford. We operate across Singapore and, can always deliver the right budgies bird cage whenever you need it.