Bird Cage Materials

Bird cages are usually made from a wide range of materials that you can choose from depending on the environment, instincts or behaviors of your birds and budget. At Bird Cage Singapore, our bird cage products are made from materials that are carefully selected from the best quality and durable parts and components for sustainability. However, it should be noted that these materials have diverse properties and qualities that you should always know when shopping in order to determine the most suitable options for your birds.

Since our bird cage products are made from different kinds of materials, we understand that you may sometimes find it challenging choosing the most suitable bird cage material. Thus, we strive to always make it easier for all our customers to get the best bird cages that they need. Therefore, we have discussed all our bird cage materials herein to help you in making an informed decision when choosing the best bird cage materials offered by our company.

Bird Cage Materials

Wooden Bird Cage

These are bird cages with wooden components and parts. Wooden bird cages are durable and also designed with great aesthetic appeal that could go a long way in enhancing the décor of your home. Generally, wooden products are often affected by changes in weather and termites but, our wooden bird cages are properly treated to withstand all these. A wooden bird cage can offer great comfort to your birds in an environmental friendly enclosure while also complementing the accent of other elements in your home like, furniture.

Stainless Steel Bird Cage

Stainless steel bird cages are considered the strongest bird cages owing to the unrivaled durability of steel. The cages are constructed using stainless steel bars that are joined together by welding with proper bar spacing. Apart from their durability, our stainless steel bird cages are also toxin free and easier to clean. A Stainless steel bird cage can be easily cleaned by wiping it or pressure washing without interfering with the finishes.

Wrought Iron Bird Cage

Wrought Iron is a material that can effectively withstand use in outdoor environments and, having a bird cage made from it could be a valuable investment. Besides, wrought Iron is also highly malleable, and this ensures that it can be used to create various kinds of bird cage styles and designs. In order to prevent the bird cages from rust and corrosion, our wrought iron bird cages are accorded proper paint jobs. With this, the bird cage can last even a lifetime without maintenance or repairs.

Bamboo Bird Cage

Bamboo bird cages are not only unique but, also very exquisite. Unlike most bird cage materials, bamboo is ‘green’ and also inexpensive. In fact, bamboo bird cages is the perfect choice when looking for an eco-friendly bird cage. Besides, bamboo is strong and can withstand swelling and shrinking, especially in environments with varying atmospheric conditions. To preserve the appeal and strength of our bamboo bird cages, the materials are accorded safe finishes and stains that you can also choose from.

Acrylic Bird Cage

An acrylic bird cage is hailed as a comfortable and secure enclosure that can provide better shelter for your birds with the least chances of danger. Acrylic is usually very smooth on the surface, which can go a long way in preserving the feather condition of your birds. Besides, acrylic is also very easy to clean. Unlike other metallic bird cages, acrylic bird cages do not have any finishes, which also makes them quite safe for housing birds.

Brass Bird Cage

Brass is a durable material and, bird cages designed from it can always last for a very long time. Besides, brass can also withstand high temperatures, which means that brass bird cages are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. Brass is also highly versatile and can be easily designed into just any size or style. On the other hand, brass can also work perfectly with a wide range of finishes to give the bird cage a more pleasant appeal.

Glass Bird Cage

Although glass is usually very delicate, it offers a unique touch of class that will accord your birds great comfort while also elevating the theme of your home décor. Glass is very easy to clean and also safe for birds. The cages are made from glass panels that are joined together with other safe materials. In fact, glass bird cages provide an attractive display that will make your home more welcoming and at the same time offering a secure enclosure for the pets.

Choose the Best Bird Cage Material for your Pets

We understand that even with the information given above, choosing the best bird cage material could still prove challenging. However, you should not be worried because our company also has professionals and a comprehensive blog to guide you through the process. It is only at Bird Cage Singapore that we can offer you the best assistance in choosing an ideal bird cage material for every type of bird and budget. Our priority is making sure that every bird keeper is able to easily get the right bird cage material.

Our company offers both standard and custom bird cage materials to choose from. This means that we can also deliver bird cages made from a combination of materials that you may propose. For example, you may need a bird cage designed from both glass and wood. Despite the materials that you need, we can make sure that you get the best bird cage customized to those specifications.

The following are some of the qualities of our bird cage materials;

  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Safe and toxin-free bird cage materials
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and types
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

Greater aesthetic appeal to enhance the décor of your home

Our bird cage materials are very efficient and reliable for housing birds. Besides, all our bird cage products are carefully tested and proven safe to ensure that your birds are not threatened in any way when using the enclosures. Our commitment is to deliver the best quality bird cage materials that can guarantee total safety, comfort and convenience for all kinds of bird species and environments.

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