Wooden Bird Cage

Are you looking for a high quality wooden bird cage? If yes, Bird Cage Singapore offers a selection of the best wooden bird cages that you can easily get in any size, type or style that you need. Our company is an accomplished dealer that specializes in supplying quality bird cages and accessories across Singapore. Our wooden bird cages are designed to the best standards that guarantee greater comfort and safety for all kinds of birds.

The wooden bird cages that we supply are mainly constructed from oak, cherry wood among others. However, you can also order for a custom wooden bird cage, which is designed from any type of wood of your choice. In fact, you could also order an enclosure that is made from a combination of wood and other bird cage materials. Our wooden bird cages are recommended for all bird species including, conures, parrots, cockatiels, finches, African Greys, macaws, parakeets, cockatoos among several others.

Our wooden bird cages offer more than just exquisite nests for birds. The enclosure can also serve as a unique masterpiece for home décor, which you can use to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space. These are among the key reasons that have made wooden bird cages very popular. In order to deliver highly efficient products, all our wooden bird cages are designed and constructed by the best quality wood and components.

Benefits of a Wooden Bird Cage

There are several benefits that you can attain by using our wooden bird cages to house your birds. The following are some of the main benefits of a wooden bird cage:

Long lasting and safe

The construction of our wooden cages undergo various procedures to ensure that the enclosure is strong enough and accorded the best treatments for longevity. Unlike other wooden products, our wooden cages are not affected by atmospheric changes, termites or ants. In fact, this cage can last for many years without the need for maintenance or repairs. The treatments are done using safe products to ensure that your birds are not exposed to toxins or other harmful elements while in the cage.

Easy to clean

Wooden bird cages are usually very simple to clean. All the wooden bird cages that we offer are designed with removable bottom trays. Whenever you want to clean the bird cage, simply pull out the trays. These components are accessible without opening the door of the cage, which also makes your work much easier. Besides, the trays are made from aluminum laminate, which you can easily wipe off.

Unique aesthetic appeal

Wooden bird cages are also very attractive in appearance, and this makes them a great piece for home décor. A wooden bird cage in your living room or any other section of the home can easily blend in with the furniture and other decorative elements to create an exquisite look and feel of the space. In fact, there are people who specifically buy wooden bird cages for home décor and, that only confirms the unique beauty of our bird cages. The cage can be used in the house or outdoors based on the needs of your birds, weather condition and available space.

Another benefit of our wooden bird cages is, they can be easily customized to just any size, type or style that you prefer. We have standard wooden bird cages that you can always choose from. In case you need a wooden bird cage with a specific design, we can also deliver customized wooden bird cages. These enclosures can be designed to any style and with the specific features that you need including, color.

Why Buy Wooden Bird Cages from Bird Cage Singapore

Bird Cage Singapore is the number one dealer that you should always look up to for wooden bird cages. Although bird cages made from wood have become scarce in the market, our company has a huge collection that you can easily acquire based on your preferences. The following are more reasons to always buy wooden bird cages from us:

  • High quality wooden bird cages
  • Wide range of wooden bird cage sizes, types and styles
  • Affordable wooden bird cages

The best wooden bird cages for all types of birds

We also have a reliable Customer Care team to offer assistance to all our customers round-the-clock. Customer satisfaction is our priority and, we can always go out of our way to ensure that you get the best wooden bird cage that perfectly suits your home, birds and budget. For high quality and affordable wooden bird cages Singapore, talk to us!