Chinese Bird Cage

One of the reasons Chinese bird cages are becoming very popular in Singapore today is, they are handcrafted. This gives them a unique and exquisite appeal for greater comfort and safety to birds. Besides, these enclosures can also significantly enhance the theme or setting of your home. The best place to always turn to for quality Chinese bird cages in Singapore is Bird Cage Singapore. We stock a wide range of Chinese bird cages that you can always choose from.

The Chinese bird cages that we offer are available in diverse sizes, types and materials to suit different kinds of spaces and bird species. Besides, they are also made from various materials including, bamboo, wood, stainless steel, wrought Iron, brass, glass and acrylic. Despite all these, we still have the most competitive rates in the market to enable you get the best Chinese bird cage more affordably. By relying on us, you are guaranteed the best selection of high quality and affordable Chinese bird cage, which can always be delivered at your own convenience.

Features of Chinese Bird Cage

Although our Chinese bird cages vary depending on size, material and type, there are common features that apply to all. And, it is important that you know about these features when shopping in order to choose the best Chinese bird cage for your birds, available space and budget. The following are some of the main features that you will find in our Chinese bird cages;

Durable construction

Most Chinese bird cages in the market are made from wood and bamboo. However, we go further to also offer metallic Chinese bird cages.  Despite the bird cage material that you choose, there is always an assurance of longevity since all our products are designed with high quality materials that can last for even a lifetime.

Our wooden and bamboo Chinese bird cages are accorded special treatments to preserve the materials and also protect them against damage resulting from weather, ants and termites. Contrary to what some may think, these Chinese bird cages are very durable just like metallic bird cages.

Adequate space

Our Chinese bird cages are also very spacious to ensure that your birds have freedom of movement within the cage. Apart from just housing the birds, the cage can also accommodate a wide range of bird cage accessories like, feeders, perches, seed catchers, toys among others. Considering the sufficient space in the cage, your birds can easily feed, sleep and also involve in various activities in safety.

Easy handling

Another aspect of our Chinese bird cages is, they are very easy to handle. Unlike other bird cage styles, Chinese bird cages are simple in design and do not have numerous features. The cage has a main access door, which you can use to change the accessories or toys for the birds. Besides, the bottom of the cage is removable, which means the trays can be easily pulled out for cleaning.

Depending on the design of the Chinese bird cage, there are some with finials for hanging while others also have stands. Those with finials are usually small in size and can be easily moved from one place to another.


Our Chinese bird cages are also very safe for keeping birds. The cages are crafted with materials that are tested and proven safe for birds. The walls of the cages are designed from metal bars or wooden and bamboo strands that are closely held together with the required bar spacing. Besides, the cage is equipped with the right safety features to ensure that your birds are not exposed to any risk of accidents. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, there is always a guarantee that your birds are safe and comfortable.

Why Buy Chinese Bird Cage from Bird Cage Singapore

Today, many people usually find it hard to get Chinese Bird Cages in Singapore and, our company is committed to changing that. In fact, it is only through Bird Cage Singapore that you can now easily get the best Chinese bird cages to choose from. By obtaining these enclosures from our company, you are guaranteed several benefits including;

Apart from our standard Chinese bird cages, we can also deliver a customized designs that perfectly suits your space, bird species and budget. Simply talk to us for the best Chinese bird cage Singapore.