Vintage Bird Cage

Vintage bird cages are crafted with a unique style that reflects the ancient charm. These cages will not only provide a comfortable and safe nest for your birds but, also go a long way in enhancing the appeal of your home or space due to their stylish designs. At Bird Cage Singapore, we offer a collection of the best vintage bird cages in diverse sizes, types and materials to choose from. It is always our priority to deliver high quality and affordable vintage bird cages that you will be impressed with.

Our vintage bird cages can be used to house birds indoors and outdoors as well, which makes them quite versatile for keeping diverse bird species. The design of these bird cages incorporate both old and contemporary styles to give them an elegant appeal that will also add great value to the theme of your space. However, there are a few things that you should always know in order to choose the perfect vintage bird cage for your birds, aviary and budget.

Features of Vintage Bird Cage

Vintage bird cages have various features, which make them safe and convenient for keeping birds. Although the features may vary from one design to another, there are some common features found in all vintage bird cages. The following are the main features of a vintage bird cage that you should know when shopping:

Sturdy construction

Our vintage bird cages are a true testimony of the saying, ‘’old is gold.’’ The cages are designed with quality materials that can withstand use over the longest period of time. Some of them are made from stainless steel and wrought Iron, which are stronger than powder-coated enclosures. At the top of the cage, there is a finial that you can use to hang it in a section of the home.

Guaranteed safety for the birds

The design of our vintage bird cages always focuses on safety of your pet birds to give you peace of mind. The cages are constructed with standard bar spacing so that birds cannot easily escape when the door is closed. The sides of the cage are made from wires that are strong and closely held together such that even predators (like cats) cannot access the enclosure when closed.

This vintage bird cage is also designed with a main access door for the birds. The door is big enough to also ensure that you can easily clean the cage, change accessories and other essentials used therein.


A vintage bird cage is not only for nesting but, also designed with a lot of space to offer your birds freedom of movement. In fact, the cage has sufficient space where the birds can freely feed and play without any constraints. Besides, it can also accommodate various toys and bird cage accessories. This will ensure that your birds are active, healthy and happy.

Elegant design

Our vintage bird cages bear a variety of decorative elements including, embellishments. In fact, the cages can be obtained in diverse shapes like, dome and even miniature mansions. The stylish appeal of our vintage bird cages make them ideal not only for keeping birds but also home décor. And, that is why they are sought after by many home decorators across Singapore.

Benefits of Buying a Vintage Bird Cage from Bird Cage Singapore

Most people who own vintage bird cages have inherited them from family and friends. In fact, a vintage bird cage is a masterpiece that you cannot easily find in the market. However, this does not mean that you have to struggle in order to get the perfect vintage bird cage. Bird Cage Singapore offers the best selection of vintage bird cages that you can easily get at your own convenience. Buying a vintage bird cage from our company guarantees the following;

Wide range of vintage bird cage designs

The vintage bird cages that we offer come in various designs that you can choose from. The cages are available in diverse colors, finishes and decorations that you can select based on the bird species that you keep and the environment. We can also offer customized vintage bird cages.

Diverse vintage bird cage sizes, types and materials

Our company offers both small, medium, 18 x 18 and large sized vintage bird cages. The cages are mainly made of stainless steel and wrought iron but, we can also deliver vintage bird cages made from wood, brass, glass, bamboo and acrylic.

The best prices for every budget

Whenever you buy a vintage bird cage from our company, you will no longer have to pay more because, we offer high quality bird cages at affordable prices that can easily suit your budget.

For inquiries about our vintage bird cages, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.