Medium Bird Cage

For your birds to feel safe, comfortable and happy in their new home, you must always choose the right size of shelter. A Medium bird cage is one of the standard bird cage sizes that you can obtain for keeping birds. Our company offers the best selection of medium bird cages suitable for a wide range of bird species and spaces. These cages are skillfully designed to deliver greater freedom of movement, safety and comfort to the birds in the particular environment that you choose to raise them.

Our medium bird cages are very spacious to ensure that birds have the opportunity to freely move around while in their cages. Besides, we have also diversified our medium bird cage portfolio to offer more options. In this way, there is a guarantee that you will always get the best medium bird cage to suit your birds and also the available space.

Cage Sizes and Bar Spacing

When looking for a medium bird cage, it is important to remember that we offer more than just one cage size. Our medium bird cages are available in two main cage sizes, each with different bar spacing. Besides, these two varieties of our medium bird cages are also recommended for different bird species. Therefore, you must always be keen when shopping in order to get the right match.

The table below shows the two main cage sizes of our medium bird cages, bar spacing and applications;



Apart from the specifications given above, there are other unique features of our medium bird cages, included in both. These are mainly to ensure unrivalled freedom and comfort to the birds while at rest in their cages. And, we have a team of trained Customer Service experts to offer professional advice when needed so that every customer gets the most suitable medium bird cage.

Benefits of Our Medium Bird Cages

The medium bird cages that we offer are quite distinct from most common bird cage designs. In fact, there is always so much more that you can achieve by relying on Bird Cage Singapore for medium bird cages. The following are some of the key reasons why you should always acquire medium bird cages from our company;

Choice of cage size and bar spacing

The different cage sizes and bar spacing for our medium bird cages will make it much easier to identify the best for your bird species. Besides, we also offer Custom bird cages, which can be tailor made to your specific requirements.

Better shelter for various kinds of bird species

As you can see on the table above, our medium bird cages can be used by different kinds of bird species. As a result of this, you can easily choose based on the type of bird cage that you have.

No need for additional space

Our medium bird cages can be hanging or used with bird cage stands. Regardless of where you intend to set up the bird cage, our medium bird cages will not put you through the hassle of moving stuff or interfering with the way in which things are arranged in your home. They can easily fit into even small spaces without compromising the freedom of your birds.

Wide selection of medium bird cage types and styles

When shopping for our medium bird cages, you should also remember that they are available in diverse styles and types. We offer both contemporary and conventional styles to choose from. In fact, we also have medium bird cages that are specifically designed for particular bird species.

Long lasting bird cages

Another great aspect of our medium bird cages is durability. All our products are designed from the best bird cage materials that can efficiently shelter your birds for the longest period of time. In this way, you will never be bothered with frequent replacement or repairs of bird cages, which is more cost-effective.

The Best Medium Bird Cages for Less

Sometimes, you may be afraid of buying a medium bird cage on the “believe” that it could be expensive. However, such are fears that will never follow you whenever you acquire bird cage products and accessories from Bird Cage Singapore because, we can always offer the best quality medium bird cage for your budget.

Instead of worrying over where to find high quality and affordable medium bird cages Singapore, simply talk to us. We can always deliver the best medium bird cage at your own convenience.