Macaw Bird Cage

Macaws are brightly colored birds with long tails, believed to have originated from the parrot species. There are more than 19 varieties of macaws, most of which are domesticated in quite a number of homes across Singapore. The first step to keeping macaws is obtaining the right shelters for them. And, that is what you can get at Bird Cage Singapore. We specialize in a wide range of bird cages and accessories for macaws and other bird species.

Generally, macaws are relatively small in size but, there are also some varieties that are larger like, the green winged, hyacinth and great green macaws. Despite the size of the macaws that you have or are planning to acquire, we offer various macaw bird cage sizes to choose from. Besides, our macaw bird cages are also available in diverse materials and styles, which can always be customized to the specific needs of your pets, environment and budget.

We understand that choosing the right macaw bird cage style, size or material to buy can sometimes prove challenging, especially when you have never purchased them before. However, that should never worry you because, we also focus on exceptional Customer Service. Our company has experts to guide customers during shopping to ensure that each is able to get the most efficient, comfortable, safe and affordable macaw bird cage Singapore.

Qualities of our Macaw Bird Cage

Just like other bird species that are domesticated, macaws are not usually hard to tame and can easily adjust to new environments. However, this should never give you a pass to using just any enclosure for these birds. We offer the best bird enclosures that are tailor made for keeping macaws at home. And, this is clearly exhibited in the amazing qualities of our macaw bird cages outlined below.

Sturdy construction

Our macaw bird cages are not only made to last but also ensure better protection for your pets from internal or external threats. We understand the inconvenience of buying new bird cages frequently and, that is why our macaw bird cages are designed with high quality materials that can last for the longest period of time. The materials used have unique properties that enable our bird cages to maintain their strength and appearance for many years.

The key bird cage materials that are used in the construction of our macaw bird cages include, stainless steel, wrought iron, wood, bamboo, brass, acrylic and glass.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Our macaw bird cages are relatively light in weight and also very portable, which offers great flexibility in using them. Depending on the model or design that you choose, the enclosures are equipped with finials and stands for hanging or placing them on surfaces. Besides, you can also choose a macaw bird cage with wheels for easy movement of the pets indoors or outdoors. The small and medium sized macaw bird cages can be easily carried or pushed from one place to another.

Considering the quality materials used in the construction of these bird cages, they can also effectively withstand the impacts of varying weather and environmental conditions. Therefore, obtaining a macaw bird cage will ensure that your pets are able to enjoy both the environment in the home as well as outside for better psychological and physical health.

Safe and Comfortable

The safety and comfort of birds is a priority in every bird cage that we offer. As a result, our macaw bird cages are enhanced with various accessories and features tailored to the needs of macaws. The design and construction of these bird cages are mainly focused on creating a suitable habitat for macaws in the home. With a macaw bird cage, your pets will always enjoy a more secure and relaxed shelter without any risk of danger. Some of the safety and comfort features of our macaw bird cages include, latches, perches, ventilations among others.


Our macaw bird cages are also accorded unique aesthetic features to complement the appearance of different macaw species and even home décor. Apart from just offering safety and comfort to your pets, our enclosures can also go a long way in reviving the appeal of your home. Having a macaw bird cage in your home can create a focal point to make the space more beautiful. In fact, you can find a macaw bird cage design that perfectly complements the general theme of your home and other decorative elements therein.

Get the Best Macaw Bird Cage Singapore

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