Brass Bird Cage

A Brass bird cage is also another great option to always consider when looking for an ideal enclosure to house your birds. Brass is a highly durable material and, this confirms the longevity of bird cages that are made from it. Besides, there are several benefits of our brass bird cages that make them suitable for rearing birds. Bird Cage Singapore is the ultimate dealer that you should always trust to deliver quality brass bird cages.

Our company deals in a wide selection of brass bird cage styles, types and sizes, which can always be delivered to you anywhere in Singapore. We have standard brass bird cages in small, medium, large and 18 x 18 sizes that you can choose from based on the kinds of birds that you have and available space. But, we also understand that there are some situations whereby you may need a unique brass bird cage design.

We also offer custom brass bird cages that can be obtained in any design, as per customer demands. With us, you are able to get a unique brass bird cage that is designed for the particular types of birds that you have and available space. Despite all these, we still have the most competitive prices in the industry to ensure that you are able to get the best brass bird cage for less.

Advantages of our Brass Bird Cage

A brass bird cage has numerous advantages that will ensure greater safety and comfort for birds while also enhancing the theme of your home decor. Some of the key benefits of using our brass bird cage include;

Highly durable

Brass is a very resilient material and, this means a lot when it comes to the safety of birds and longevity of the enclosure. Due to their resilience, brass bird cages are able to maintain their strength and appearance for a very long period of time. And, this also makes them very economical since the cage will not need frequent repairs or maintenance.


Brass bird cages can withstand use in very high temperatures; an aspect that ensures their suitability both indoors and outdoors. In fact, brass bird cages are not affected by variations in weather and temperature conditions. Brass has a higher resistance to corrosion, which also ensures a longer lifespan for the enclosure.

When exposed to very low temperatures or humidity, a brass bird cage will not attract rust or corrosion. As a result of this, you will not be subjected to frequent surface treatments to preserve the quality of the bird cage.

Safe for birds

Brass is also very safe in terms of its composition and construction. Brass bird cages are designed with a lot of focus on the health and general wellbeing of birds. Therefore, there are no dangerous chemical elements on the surfaces or rough edges that could harm your birds. Besides, the bird cage is constructed by welding, which ensures that the sides, bottom and top of the cage are smooth to prevent any harm to the birds.

Easy to clean

Cleaning bird cages is an important activity that must be regularly conducted to maintain the hygiene of the bird cage and also your home. A brass bird cage has a simple design that will make the cleaning task much easier and fast. The bottom trays are removable and, can be easily cleaned using water and a cloth. The brass bars and other surfaces are cleaned by simply wiping off the dirt.

Brass is also very flexible. In fact, it can be easily bent, molded or shaped in any way. As a result of this, we are able to create just any type, style or size of brass bird cage that you may want. Despite the malleability of brass, it still guarantees better strength and resistance to varying environmental conditions.

Why Buy a Brass Bird Cage from Bird Cage Singapore

Considering the unique advantages of brass bird cages discussed above, it is important that you know where to get the perfect choice for your birds. Bird Cage Singapore is the best place to acquire brass bird cages in Singapore. By choosing our company for brass bird cages, you are guaranteed the following;

  • High quality brass bird cages
  • Diverse brass bird cage sizes and styles
  • Custom brass bird cages for every type of bird and space
  • Affordable & Budget prices

We understand the stress involved in choosing bird cage materials and, have the best plans to enable you get the right brass bird cage fast and effortlessly.  Talk to us for the best brass bird cage that perfectly suits your pets, budget and home.