Common Bird Cage Materials and How to Choose the Best

There are various kinds of materials used in the construction of bird cages. As a result of this, it is advisable that you consider common bird cage materials when shopping in order to choose the right one that can guarantee better comfort and safety for your birds as well as affordability. All the materials used are proven safe for housing birds. However, it should be noted that all have different properties that could impact their applications and also the cost of bird cages.

Common bird cage materials in the market

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is mainly used because of its strength, which contributes to the durability of the bird cage. Besides, stainless steel bird cages are also rust and corrosion free that also makes them long lasting. On the other hand, stainless steel is also smooth on the surfaces, hence greater comfort for your birds. Stainless steel bird cages do not have dangerous finishes that could cause health conditions in birds.


There are also several kinds of bird cages that are made from wood. Wooden bird cages are designed using strong wooden components that can withstand environmental changes and rotting. Besides, wood is very safe since it is also used by birds when building their cages in the wild, which makes it eco-friendly. Using a wooden bird cage could also be a unique way of enhancing the décor of your home.


Acrylic is also recommended for bird cage construction because of its durability and safety. Contrary to what some usually think, the acrylic used in building bird cages is free from harmful chemicals and finishes that could hamper the health of birds. On the other hand, acrylic bird cages can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them very versatile.


There are various models of brass bird cages that you can also find in the market when looking for better housing for your pets. Brass is preferred mainly because it is strong and versatility. Brass bird cages are usually long lasting and can serve you for many years. Besides, brass is also easy to cut and mold into various sizes and forms, which is ideal in creating diverse bird cage styles, types and sizes.


Most bird cage manufacturers also use bamboo to construct the enclosures. Bamboo is environmental friendly and also cheaper than most common bird cage materials. Besides, it is also a very unique material that will give your bird cage a bold appeal. Bamboo bird cages can also easily complement several décor elements in the home like, furniture, which makes them ideal for keeping birds in your living room.


Glass bird cages are not only stylish but, also strong enough to last even a lifetime if used appropriately within the required safety measures. The glass used in designing bird cages is thick and can withstand wear and tear. With a glass bird cage, your pets will be accorded the best view and accessibility to light. Besides, glass bird cages can also bring out a unique appeal of elegance in your home.

Wrought Iron

This is also another common bird cage material that you will find in most bird cages. Wrought Iron is used mainly because it is strong and can also be easily converted into numerous shapes and sizes. In fact, wrought iron is used in the construction of a wide range of bird cage styles, types and sizes. Bird cages made of wrought iron can also resist rust and corrosion, which enables them to maintain their appearance for a long period of time.

Choosing Common Bird Cage Materials

Choosing the best bird cage materials can sometimes be challenging, especially when you are not knowledgeable on their properties. The best bird cage materials can be determined based on a number of factors including, the types of birds that you have, the particular area where you intend to keep them, cost and also your lifestyle.

Generally, all the common bird cage materials outlined above are recommended for constructing bird enclosures. But, there are some bird species that may feel uncomfortable in certain bird cage materials, maybe because of their behaviors among other factors. Besides, choosing common bird cage materials could also be based on the décor of your home to ensure that you get a bird cage that can match the theme and setting exhibited therein.

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